Chess Piece Selections – Simple Purchasing Tips


Simple purchasing tips make chess pieces easy to choose. Choosing the right chess piece can be a quick an easy process when you know what you want. To break down the steps of choosing a chess piece you need to ask yourself several questions. Questions can give you a guideline on what chess piece you want and making the decision becomes simple and easy. Best of all you will be perfectly satisfied with your choice because you have the exact information you need. Look at it this way. The best way to get information from an attorney is to know exactly what you want or need, before you call him. It is just as important to have information ready before you buy anything. There are some questions you want to consider before you buy.

Purchasing Tip 1 – What chess piece or chess set am I looking for? Know what you want. Here is a side note that may help. The best way to study for a test is to read to understand what the test question is asking and then answer it in your mind before you look at the correct answer. It is the same way with purchasing. Once you know what you want, in other words, once you have the answer, then the process goes smoothly. You will know what you want when you find it and you will be very happy with your choice.

Purchasing Tip 2 – What is the size of the chess piece? There are many sizes of chessmen, and they are generally classified by the size of the King because it is traditionally the largest piece, due to its primary importance. The most common size King Pieces are 3 A� and 4 inches. But there are Kings that are 6 inches high. The individual chess King Pieces are more of a figurine and measure 12 inches. A travel chess set or miniature set may have a 2 inch or 3 inch King. For chess tournaments the regulation size is 3 A� inch King.

Purchasing Tip 3 – What chess board square size does this chess piece need? The chess piece needs to fit on the square itself and not overlap into another square. This sounds like a simple enough rule, but it can get overlooked. You cannot play a chess board game if you do not know which square the chess piece is on. The square is exactly a square. If the description says 2 inch square, it means each side of that square is 2 inches long. As a general rule if the King size is small, use a chess board with a square size that is less than 2 inches. A chess board square size that works well with the smaller chessmen is 1 1/2 inches. The 4 1/2 inch King will fit well on a chess board with a 2 1/4 inch square. Chess board squares that are 2 3/4 inches will be the correct size for a 6 inch King piece.

Purchasing Tip 4 – What Theme Chess Set do you want? The purpose of your chess set will determine the answer to this question. If you want it to fit in with your home decor or home theme then you will pick the color or material that will fit in with your home. To purchase chess sets for tournament competition look for a classic style that chess clubs would use. Federal regulation specifications are 2 1/4 inch squares. If your children are just beginning to learn to play chess you would want one that they will respect, have fun playing with and be eager to learn the chess game with.

Purchasing Tip 5 – What kinds of Chess Set themes are there? Besides the decorative stone and marble chess sets which have distinguishing features, there are a variety of high quality theme chess pieces that have a distinction all their own. Themes can represent sports, animals, pets, culture, history, battles, and much more. There is a large variety of styles of chess pieces to choose from. Staunton Chess Sets are the most common, but there are many authentic looking chess sets.

Purchasing Tip 6 – What is the price you want to pay for the chess piece? The price always depends on the purpose you have in mind for the chess piece. If you want a decorative chess set the price will be much higher than a themed chess set. This is such an important point that it will be addressed more in another article. There are so many more questions you need to review on this subject. You need to consider quality, use, purpose, recipient and even shipping to make a very informed decision.

The very next move to make would be to purchase a chess piece or chess set. Actually, the purpose of chess is to encourage and stimulate strategic thinking. Make sure that you consider how you can best emphasize that concept and you will be very pleased that you made a good purchase. You will feel confident that you know what you are looking for and can be satisfied with your purchase. Your satisfaction will depend on how you perceive the use of the product and what your personal decisions are. It helps to take control of your purchases as much as it helps to take control of your finances. Your expectations will be met and you are the one who can control that. Have fun purchasing and making your own decisions.


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