What Kind Of Bike Do You Need?


Bike Purchasing Tips

If you are in the market for a motorcycle, you will quickly learn that there are many different types to choose from and making the right selection will depend on many different factors. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bike for yourself and your lifestyle.

Many first time motorcycle shoppers assume that there is only one real motorcycle model on the market: the Harley Davidson. While these bikes are certainly popular in some sectors, they are definitely not right for all riders, and are especially poor choices for many beginning riders. This is because Harley Davidson’s are exceptionally heavy motorcycles and are far more expensive than many of their counterparts.

So instead of heading down to your nearest Harley Davidson motorcycle shop, you should instead seriously consider to what use you want to put your motorcycle. Are you interested in using it for long distance trips?

If so, you should look for a touring style of motorcycle. These bikes tend to be heavier and quite powerful than many standard motorcycles (Harley Davidson’s definitely fit into this category, but they are not the only model to choose from). They are also often quite expensive, and are not ideal choices for inexperienced riders.

For those looking for speed, on the other hand, a sports motorcycle is the right choice. These motorcycles will be light weight, bright in color and fast! Because they are built for speed, they are also probably not the best choice for beginners, but new riders will appreciate their light weight and that they are easy to maneuver.

If you are looking for off road adventures, a dirt bike should be your first choice. These bikes have suspension systems and tires specifically built for off road environments and some are not meant for on road riding at all.

If you are looking for a bike that you can ride both on the road and off, however, you need to look for a “dual-sport” motorcycle model. Kawasaki is a popular manufacturer of these types of bikes.

And then, finally, there is just the pain old “standard” motorcycle models. These are motorcycles that are often moderately priced, meant for on road riding exclusively, and tend to have few specialized parts or components. Although these bikes tend to not be very fast or flashy, they can often be a great choice for beginner or only occasional motorcycle riders.


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