Tips to Save Money on Small and Large Purchases


I’ve lived on a budget as long as I can remember. This has helped me stay out of debt and always have money in the bank, which is comforting when you’re faced with the curveballs life throws.

I’ve found two tips to saving money that work really well in purchasing; buy at a discount and buy off-season; one inevitably follows the other.

When it comes to clothes, our wardrobes and apparel change depending on the time of year, season and geographic location. This is obvious and needs little explanation. Some of us live in locales that don’t ever require a jacket in November but once every few years. Others couldn’t step outside for thirty seconds without a beanie, gloves, double socks and a thick, warm coat on. The trick is this: when you buy your clothes for the season, purchase your items after the season. In other words, when retailers start phasing out their seasonal items to bring in the new lines, they discount everything from 20% on up to as much as 80% and everything in between.

I still have three warm, waterproof coats that I purchased while in college at the beginning of spring after the cold weather had passed from a mall retailer I visited that sold each one to me for about 60% off the original price. They still work great when I get them out for the cold weather. The same idea works for all apparel during the whole year; buy your shorts and warm weather outfits in September or the fall after

Summer has passed; buy your holiday accessories the day after the holiday is over; etc. You will save a bundle, not pay full price and have something left over in your pocket.

The same goes for candy; the best time to buy candy from the store is the day after the holiday when the retailer wants it gone, and you want a bargain. February 15, the day after Easter, July 5, Black Friday and

December 26 just to name the big ones. The candy makers have special assortments and packages for these holidays and they can’t be sold once the day is over. This candy sells for as much as 50% off the regular price. You can’t beat it. In addition, your friends will laugh when they come over and see you have Christmas candy in March.

It’s easy to save money once you train your brain to look for the deals. Be patient and you’ll discover pretty quickly that you can trim down your budget for food, recreation, apparel and the like with little effort.


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